Seen on Set: Furniture from your Favorite TV & Movies

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 by

Seen on SetWe don’t normally hear “Where is that furniture from?”. But if you ever do, Seen on Set has the answers.

Secrets From The Set

Seen on SetMany times when watching shows and movies, the clothes are what we’re after. But sometimes what’s in the background catches our eyes. Seen on Set is a site dedicated to finding where furniture and decor from our favorite TV shows and movies are from. Everything that is in a scene is put there for a reason and helps enhance a scene. Seen on Set is dedicated to finding those amazing pieces from the set and providing that info for others to find items they really love. The site is the go to site to find furniture, decor, lighting, tech, art and much more! Next time you see something that’s part of the set that you’re dying to have in your home, head over to Seen on Set to find exactly how to get it!

Seen on Set

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