SeatGeek: Millions Of Tickets In One Place

Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2015 by

seatgeek5Seatgeek is a ticket search engine for all types of events.

Kayak For Event Tickets

seatgeek1If you want to go to an event badly enough, chances are you can find a ticket on SeatGeek. The site is a massive search engine, almost like Kayak for (non-plane) tickets. It searches all of the biggest ticket sites — Ticketmaster, Ticketfly, Stubhub, etc. — and delivers all of the results in one location. Whether you’re looking for seats at a sporting event, concert, theater, or some other form of entertainment, the site probably has you covered. It’s useful to be able to search all of the available ticket sites as once, so you can compare prices across different platforms and find exactly what you’re looking for.


Know Your View Before You Arrive

seatgeek3SeatGeek lets you know which tickets have the best value by using a “Deal Score” system. Seats marked with a higher rating (out of 100) have a better value compared to the actual cost of the ticket. This makes it easier to compare tickets across different sites. True to the site’s name, SeatGeek also lets you get particular about your location in a stadium or arena. Before buying your tickets, you can check the actual view from your seat from a 3D map. If you’re choosing from multiple locations — behind the basket or on the side of the court at a basketball game, for instance — being able to see the actual view before you get there makes it much easier to make a decision. If you’re planning on buying tickets to anything, be sure to check SeatGeek first.


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