Screenmailer: Share Video Instantly

Posted on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 by

ScreenmailerIf you don’t know what you’re doing when sharing videos, instructions can be complicated and frustrating. If you ever wish you had clear and concise directions when uploading videos, look no further than Screenmailer.

Record An Share Instantly

ScreenmailerOne of the most frustrating things with videos is when you try and share the link, and then that link doesn’t work. It seems that one glitch can ruin a whole presentation and cause delays. To help prevent those issues occurring Screenmailer allows you to record your screen and voice and share the video instantly. The site makes the process of creating videos, uploading the videos and then sending them fast and simple for both parties to understand.


So Simple Your Grandmother Could Use It

ScreenmailerWith the use of Screenmailer users can record in HD, upload videos with in seconds, use all devices to to view videos, have the use of analytics to keep track of your video, private links if needed and users can store videos in one spot and they won’t be lost. Once you stop your recording, Screenmailer instantly gives you a link to then share your video. The link is super easy to use, and the recipients will appreciate the simplicity of just clicking play. Businesses can create accounts with multiple users so everyone has access to the videos. With Screenmailer, the whole process is quick and painless and the program is available for Windows and Mac.



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