Ruba – A to Z Travel Guides

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 by

ruba Ruba – Thanks to the all mighty Web, finding travel data is a no-brainer. The trick is to sieve through the infinite number of tips, reviews and other information out there. Ruba is a killer facilitator in that respect, offering complete travel guides to tourists who are seeking the best trip possible. What do I mean by ‘complete guides’? Well, according to Ruba, “guides are collections of the best places including attractions, activities, lodging, restaurants, and more that are grouped along interesting themes.” These themes span across the entire holiday spectrum, and include intriguing categories such as Best Restaurants in Moscow, Russia, Exotic Argentina and Brazil, and France’s Burgundy & Provence, among others.

Another way to explore remarkable Ruba would be via their various categories: Guides, Tours, Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions or All of the above. And if you’ve had a wonderful travel experience of your own and wish to share it, I encourage you to create a guide. To get your travel buds going, check out the pictures below from one of the Ruba guides to Thailand.


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