Roomvine: Chat Rooms for Real Life

Posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2016 by

RoomvineA lot probably comes to mind when someone mentions “chat rooms”, but Roomvine is a whole new type of chat room.

Chat Anonymously

RoomvineRoomvine is an app that allows users to chat anonymously with people nearby at different places and events, it’s a completely new way to chat with others. On Roomvine, chat with anyone. If you’re in a public place, at an event, need help from someone, just check-in and chat with everyone else using the app in the same place as you. Whether it’s a random comment, questions or jokes, everything is completely anonymous. Others only see you chat nick name, so no photos or real information needed to start chatting on Roomvine. Talk freely, feel more comfortable chatting or just observe the conversations going on around you. Roomvine is also great for businesses and event hosts to see how everything is going and what people are saying about services, entertainment, etc. See what’s happening around you and join the conversation (anonymously) with Roomvine.


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