Roaming Hunger: Find & Book The Best Food Trucks

Posted on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 by

roaminghunger5Roaming Hunger is a platform for finding and booking food trucks around the country.

Track Down Your Favorite Truck

roaminghunger2There’s been a huge food truck boom over the past few years, and some food trucks have become better than brick-and-mortar restaurants. It’s always amazing to happen across an amazing food truck, but sometimes you want to know exactly where the food you want is located. Following individual food trucks on social media can be cumbersome, but thankfully Roaming Hunger exists to solve that problem. The site has interactive maps of food trucks in over 35 North American cities. It’s the easiest way to quickly find out where the best food trucks are parked on any given day, whether you’re just browsing your options or searching for a particular truck. You can even filter by exact date and time.


Book A Food Truck For Your Next Event

roaminghunger4Another popular use of food trucks is for catering, and Roaming Hunger includes a platform that lets you book a truck for your next event. The site lets users enter all the information about their event — where a food truck is needed, how much food is needed, and when it’s needed. Roaming Hunger then does all the research for you, finding a list of the best food trucks available on that day. Users can then select as many trucks as they want — whether it’s one truck for a small, private celebration or several trucks for a larger event. It’s much easier than scouring the web for food trucks on your own, attempting to find one that’s free on the day that you need. The food truck revolution hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, and Roaming Hunger is one of the best places to keep it going. It’s also the best place to get your own food truck business off the ground, as the company provides consulting and other assistance in the “Marketplace” section of the site.


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