Reverb: EBay For Musicians

Posted on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 by

ReverbReverb is where you can buy and sell vintage, rare and used music gear.

Buy, Sell, And Make Music

ReverbReverb is a great site for all musicians looking to buy a new piece of equipment, make some extra cash by selling old equipment and maybe even find some inspiration along the way for some new work. The Reverb marketplace is for safe and secure transactions, so all musicians can have access to instruments and sound they may be missing for that perfect song. Reverb is similar to EBay and Amazon, anyone can sell their items and wait for someone to want to buy it. There are deals, sales, price drops and more. Buyers can browse used and handmade items or new items.


Find What You’re Looking For?

ReverbItems on Reverb are sold just like they would be on any other site. Click on the image of something you may want, and pictures and details regarding the items show up. Add the item to your cart if you believe the current selling price is fair, or make an offer. Feel free to directly contact the seller as well if there are any questions regarding items. If there are questions about prices, just visit the Reverb Price Guide. It tracks recent sales for similar items and help with real time purchases, the guide also provides the price range for what an item should be sold at. Besides buying items, users can also sell items. Sellers create a page for their item (similar to building a social media page). Add pictures, information and anything else you think would help your item sell better. Besides buying and selling, there is news from the music world to follow. Reverb has a little something for every sort of musician, no matter what you’re looking for.


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