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Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 by

Reuters TVReuters TV finally has the news app made for you, fitting into your schedule.

News On Your Time

Reuters TVReuters TV is the video news service with personalized video news. The app is powered by more than 2,500 journalists in locations all around the world. Reuters TV offers on-demand news programming and live, unfiltered feeds of events happening all over the world at any given moment. The news is made for you and fits into your day. Unlike other news sources, users don’t have to scroll through everything to find one article. The feed is filled with the news that users want to read and what interests them. Users can choose the program length and watch the news when they’re ready. If there is only a few minutes in the morning, then the news will only be a few minutes long. It’s easy and convenient. The news can be any length, will download at schedules times if there is no internet connection and easy controls to skip between programs. Reuters TV can also be viewed on any device. So start at the home computer, move to your phone and then finish on your work computer or tablet. The news doesn’t stop, so users shouldn’t have to miss it and they don’t have to with Reuters TV.

Reuters TV

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