Junior Explorers: New Adventures Every Month

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Junior ExplorersThe planet is a big place, so let your kids explore it with Junior Explorers.

Send Your Child Around The World

Junior ExplorersJunior Explorers is a program that was developed for kids to gain a better understanding of the planet and everything in it. The program is meant for kids to have fun and learn at the same time and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. Start by choosing the Junior Explorer missions for your little explorers to go on with the monthly subscriptions. The adventures are designed for kids ages 5-11 and include a physical and digital component for lots of learning. Each month the kits are mailed out and include both a physical and digital component for optimal learn. Each kit includes fun collectibles and activities themes around that month’s ecosystem. Items include tattoos, wristbands, stickers, figurines and much more! It’s so important that kids learn about the planet , and Junior Explorers is helping them do so. Junior Explorers is a fun way for kids to learn and gainĀ a new understanding about the planet.

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