Reedsy: Find The Perfect Editor, Designer Or Marketer

Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 by

ReedsyWe would all like to think we can write the great American novel, but some of us may need more help than others. Reedsy is here to help those of us who need that extra help.

A Real Page Turner

ReedsyThere are so many people who have great ideas for books, but don’t necessarily have the skills to complete the whole project themselves. Reedsy is the perfect site to find an editor, designer or marketer for the project. Any help one would need to publish a book, Reedsy probably has someone to help. Build the best team to help your book become a reality in four easy steps. Start by browsing profiles of professionals that showcase their work experience and portfolios to find the perfect people to work with. Once the perfect team is assembled, submit a brief. The brief has the information about the book and the work required and can be shared with up to five professionals. Professionals will respond with quotes, sample edits, sketches, etc. providing the best information about who to pick to help. Reedsy makes the collaboration process extremely easy to share files, message e/o, contracts, tasks, payments and more. Reedsy is the best place to find others to help create the next great book everyone is going to want to read.


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