Reading Trainer: Train your Brain for Faster Reading Skills

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

Did you know that 76% of reading is now done on a screen whether it’s your phone, computer, iPad, or e-Reader? If you feel that you’re doing more reading and less comprehending, Reading Trainer will help your mind retain more information.

Read Faster and Remember More

If you’re like the average technology user, there are multiple screens in your life that you are constantly trying to get information from. Living in 2012, our eyes are used to staring at a screen for hours on end and very rarely reads from an actual book. While you may be skimming through various emails, documents, books, and of course text messages, you may not be retaining all of the information. Reading Trainer is a new phone app that helps you train your eyes to read from a screen, and intake more information.

Before you begin the exercises, you are instructed to read the introduction, which will then give you an accurate number of how fast you read the information, and what your retention rate was.

Train Your Brain

There are units broken down into eight different exercises. The exercises include finding specific letters in a limited amount of time, deciphering word pairs that don’t match, and inputting sets of digits in the correct order. After every unit you receive a score for how well you performed on different exercises.

The reading trainer works best when spread out over a period of a few days. The app actually gives you a waiting period before starting the next unit, if you wanted to continue later that day.

Every day you are able to see how the exercises help you improve, including your words per minute. The Reading Trainer is a really helpful app; not only can you improve your reading speed, but also your retention level. Whether you’re reading tens of documents a day or even just skimming through emails, Reading Trainer is a great addition to your phone or iPad.

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