Geox Amphibiox: An Awesome QA Expedition Interactive Documentry

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

Geox Amphibiox is an interactive website, packaged as a ground-breaking ‘Point of View’ experience, that enables the viewer to road test Geox’s Amphibiox shoes in the rainiest place on earth – Cherrapunjee, India.

This is How you Promote a New Product!

Amphibiox is the result of over three years of development and testing in the Geox Labs. As a part of their marketing efforts to promote it’s launch the shoe company sent four people to test their product in the rainiest place on earth – Cherrapunjee, India. To ensure the testers were qualified for the job, they found people who are used to facing the elements and experiencing a wide range of weather conditions in their everyday lives. The project was documented and is brought to you in this amazing interactive web site.

A Journey That will Leave you Moist…

You can be certain that Geox Amphibiox is trying to make you purchase shoes… But the way they do it is awesome. The site is designed beautifully and you take a journey through the streets of the small Indian village, Cherrapunjee, and on your way you run into the Amphibiox testers. You can choose to click on either of them and hear their story and join their experience in the remote, rainy village. The¬†monologues are a bit kitschy but the editing is so brilliant, you actually feel wet at the end of the journey. You don’t have to buy any shoes, but you must check this website out!

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