Raise Your Voice – Have Your Say this COP15 – on TV and Online

Posted on Monday, December 14th, 2009 by

raiseyourvoice Raise Your Voice – The United Nations Climate Change Conference (Dec 7-18, 2009) has been making headlines since day one, from quotations and hopes of world leaders to violent protests by avid activists. Leaving the ‘Who said what’ aside, it’s important that we all stay informed with the discussions and resolutions made in perhaps the very first global conference that is concerned solely with our climate change predicament.

In this day and age, technology not only makes multiple communication channels available, but also allows collaborations between the different mediums. Raise Your Voice is a TV-Internet symbiotic event which offers users the opportunity to submit their questions, vote on other inquiries and see world leaders interact with ‘ordinary’ folk concerned about our planet and governmental policies.

According to Raise Your Voice, it is a venue where “CNN and YouTube are conducting a live debate in Copenhagen on December 15, where leaders and activists at COP15 will come together to answer your top-ranked questions on climate change.” What are you waiting for? Last day for question submissions (both text and video) is Dec 14!

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