Quizlet – Mastering Any Topic with Paperless Flashcards

Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2010 by

Quizlet – Created by the especially charismatic and talented college student Andrew Sutherland, Quizlet is your best online flashcards resource currently available. Quizlet offers a wide range of topics where you will find ready-made flashcards, or you can create your own. The visual layout of the flashcards themselves is what you’d expect (description and/or image on one side, the answer on the other), only it’s wonderfully done. Users can choose whether to have the question and the answer on the same side of the flashcard or, for realistic testing, having them on separate sides (‘click to flip” to see the answer).

Very soon you will see why this site stands out from other similar study sites. Hint: it has to do with the cool features of Web 2.0. To see Quizlet in action, here’s a screen shot of a series of flashcards testing your knowledge in birds (north American). This is how I got to know what is the name of this beautiful bird with a crunchy tail from the falconiformes order. To learn it’s name, visit Quizlet.

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