Punkpost: Handwritten Cards As Quick As Texting

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2016 by

PunkpostWhatever happened to snail mail? It’s been replaced by texting, but Punkpost is bring back a little more personality to communication with handwritten cards.

Something To Say I’m Thinking Of You

PunkpostThese days, most of how we communicate is done over the phone. Texting, calling, video chat, etc. but whatever happened to a good old fashion hand written note? There’s something exciting to open the mail box and find a letter or card from a friend or loved one. Punkpost is combining the best of both worlds. With Punkpost, users write their messages, pick the stationary, and even the stamp used straight from their phones. Once an address is entered, the talented workers of Punkpost use their beautiful penmanship and write out the message. The best part, the senders name is on the card, so it’s still personalized. There are different stationary options for every event, from birthdays and anniversaries, to just because. The send the first card, it’s free and after that it’s $6 per post and $1 extra for international. Cards can be written in more than just English, so everyone in the address book can receive a card. Punkpost also send reminders for holidays and birthdays, so never miss an event again. So even if you’re a fan of a good text or call, put the phone down (but really pick it up) and send card. Punkpost combines the technology of today, with the simple touches of yesterdays communication.


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