Masquerade: Live Filters For Selfies

Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 by

MasqueradeTake your selfies to the next level with Masquerade.

Selfie Time

MasqueradeTaking the perfect selfie can always be a difficult task. Lighting has to be right, we have to find the perfect angle, and if there is scenery to include it gets a whole lot harder. Masquerade is changing the way we take selfies. Masquerade lets selfie goers record video selfie animations, changing the way we look in our pictures. Then send them straight to your friends and share on social networks. We are all obsessed with the Snapchat filters that can be added, but those pictures eventually go away. But Masquerade is an app available to download that is filled with awesome and hilarious filters to up your selfie game! These filters range from celebrity faces to emotions to animals. There are tons of options, never leaving you with a dull photo again. Masquerade is changing the way we take selfies, making yours better than the rest.


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