Prison Valley – A First of Its Kind Web Documentary

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010 by

prisonvalley Prison Valley – Canon City, Colorado is nicknamed Prison Valley as it is the site of 9 state and four federal prisons. The Prison Valley web documentary offers an interactive glimpse into this unusual Colorado area which is, according to the film, an entire community that has sprung up as a result of and around the prisons. Although the actual facts and numbers presented in the film may be the subject of debate and controversy, this web documentary is a first of its kind creation in terms of its HD quality and superb editing.

The film stops intermittently to allow users to interact with the environment and browse around to learn more about Canon City in an engaging way, which is really cool in my opinion. To see the entire movie, you will need to sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account, but once the movie starts, you can choose just how interactive you want to be all the way through. So what’s my verdict? Regardless of your position on the prison-industrial complex issue, I recommend exploring this well executed creative Web project.

Prison Valley

Prison Valley

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