PocketSmith – Personal Finance Makeover

Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010 by

pocketsmith PocketSmith – Everyone knows that being careful about and calculated with personal spending is crucial for long term savings and financial stability. That’s all nice and dandy, but the fact is, most of us could do it a whole lot better. The Web offers many useful resources on personal finance, and you can see some of the best ones on our blogs page (under Frugal). So why are we featuring yet another wallet/pocket/$$ helper here? I’m glad you asked.

PocketSmith offers a wonderful budgeting aid for all income levels. It is a future-focused tool that “tells you what sticking to budget means for the future of your money. It is a crystal ball for your bank accounts.” This web-based money organizer uses an interactive calendar as the platform of your spending, projected expenditures and income. Along with the user-friendly and extremely appealing interface, the PocketSmith calendar can be accessed through Google Calendar, Outlook, your iPhone or iCal. Take advantage of their free plan, or upgrade to one of their enhanced accounts. If you wish you had had more control over your money, PocketSmith is all you need.

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