Petcube: Stay Connected To Your Pets

Posted on Monday, July 20th, 2015 by

petcube45Stay connected to your pets when you’re not at home with Petcube.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Never Really Alone

petcube1No one likes to leave their pets alone. Unfortunately, work and life get in the way of always having your four-legged friend around. Petcube offers a solution to that separation, allowing people to stay in touch and keep track of their animals while out of the house. The product — which costs a relatively hefty but worth-it $199 — contains a built-in camera that sends you a live stream of your pet via your home Wi-Fi network. The camera streams 720p HD video, which you can access via your iOS or Android device. It also picks up audio, so you can hear ever bark or meow that you’d otherwise be missing while out of the house.

Play The Laser Pointer Game!

petcube2Petcube also has a couple of features to keep your pets active and engaged throughout the day. It comes with a laser pointer game, which you can control by dragging your finger across your smartphone. This displays a moving red dot on the ground. If you’ve ever owned both a dog or a cat and a laser pointer, you know how entertaining that can be. You can also communicate with your pet by speaking through your smartphone’s microphone and having it broadcast through Petcube’s speaker. You can even share pets with other family members (or the world!) and let others play with them if you’re not able to access the app. Especially for dogs with separation anxiety (like my brother’s rescue dog, who wreaks havoc on his house whenever he’s left home alone), Petcube is an essential product.


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