Peak: An App That Trains Your Brain

Posted on Monday, April 27th, 2015 by

peak4Peak is a mobile app that contains games and exercises intended to improve your cognitive ability.

Exercise Your Brain

peak1Using Peak will help you make the most of your brain, constantly improving and optimizing your cognitive ability. It also contains some fun, challenging games. When you first sign up with the app, it asks you a few questions about what you’re hoping to get out of the service. Whether you want to be more creatively stimulated or have a better memory, the app will tailor its games to you. Peak also takes you through an initial assessment workout, which helps the app better understand how your brain functions in terms of things like problem solving, language and focus. After it’s compiled all of this information, the app can start giving you personalized daily workouts.

Improve Memory, Language and More

peak3The games on Peak aren’t necessarily fun in the traditional sense, as many of them are challenging and force you to think quickly about difficult things. That’s the point, of course. peak2Every time you play a game, like the problem solving game in which you have to tap numbered tiles in chronological order, your brain is getting a little bit better. The fact that Peak uses scores and gives awards for certain challenges does make it seem more like you’re playing a regular game, and it also serves as inspiration to keep going. It’s unclear whether you’ll actually get any significant benefit by using the app, but there’s nothing wrong with a little mental stimulation. Peak does that well.

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