– The Twitter Times (Or Something Like It)

Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 by

paperli – The Twitter micro-blogging revolution has subsided a bit, but it’s still going strong by all accounts. Just about everyone has a Twitter account, including all major media and newspaper companies. The list of feeds on Twitter is rather simple to consume, but if you’re tired of the monotonous scroll-down routine, there’s a new innovative way of exploring the twitter feeds of any user you’re following, including your own account. is what happens when Twitter feeds are translated into a newspaper. What’s that?? This cool website has come up with a new, and as I see it, most enjoyable way of consuming the Twitter-based information users create on a daily basis. Aside from article like content, Paper offers videos, discussions and other cool features for you to explore. For a quick example, see the page for GOOD, a great magazine for “people who give a damn.” Other pages I enjoyed exploring were the Twitter feed of Bill Gates and Clay Shirky. You can also browse topics (look for the tag cloud at the top of the homepage). And just in case you’re interested in publishing your own Twitter newspaper, all you need is either a Facebook or, you got it, a Twitter account.

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