Origami Club – I’ll have Three Lady Bugs, Two Camels and One Piano

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 by

origamiclub Origami Club – Doing paper Origami creations is always fun, but it’s hard to find good How-To’s online to make that special shape. Origami Club is here for the rescue, offering numerous step by step guides to getting that lovely flower, airplane or animal all nice and cute. All the shapes and animated guides on the Origami Club website are brought to us by the Japanese artist and author Fumiaki Shingu, who says that he wants you “to be involved in magics of origami. It is very charming that a piece of paper becomes different kinds of objects.

And now for some interesting paper magic. Click here to see the How-To’s for the Lady Bug, Camel and the Grand Piano.

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