Opinion: Make Great Podcasts

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015 by

opinon4Opinion is an iOS app that lets you easily record and share podcasts.

Record Your Podcast On Your iPhone

opinion1Podcasts have exploded in popularity. It seems like every celebrity already has his or own show, and more and more amateurs are achieving fame or popularity by starting their own podcast. Radio has truly been democratized, but many people are deterred by the idea that producing a high-quality show takes expensive equipment and knowledge of the market. Opinion is an easy-to-use app that takes away all the barriers from recording your podcast and getting it out to the world. It turns out that the iPhone microphone is a useful enough microphone to record podcasts — it just needs to pick up you and your guests’ voices after all.

Easily Edit and Share

opinion2Recording a podcast using Opinion is as simple as talking into your iPhone. The app also includes a ton of features that makes it incredibly easy to edit and share your finished product. The app lets you chop up different sections of the podcast, trimming and arranging the order of the audio until you’re satisfied. Once you’re finished, you can publish the podcast directly through the app. Every podcast lands on its own, dedicated webpage (e.g., yourpodcastname.madewithopinion.com). opinion3You can also publish directly to iTunes so that others can more easily discover your work. Podcasts democratized radio, and now Opinion has democratized podcast creation. It’s a truly amazing app that has lofty goals of revolutionizing the medium by lowering the barrier of entry. Download it to see for yourself how it’s already accomplished those goals.

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