One Dollar Lesson: Explore The Dangerous World Of Online Payments

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 by

onedollarlesson5One Dollar Lesson is an interactive site that explains the dangers of online payments.

Be Aware Of The Danger In Online Payments

onedollarlesson1One Dollar Lesson is an interactive site created by Internet security company Kaspersky Lab. It uses graphs, animations and other visual elements in order to explain all of the dangers people face when making payments online. It tells stories of the most well-known, high scale attacks — like the 2014 malware attack GameOver Zeus that resulted in more than $100 million being stolen. Many of the statistics the site displays — such as the fact that 11,000 attacks happen online every minute — are quite terrifying for anyone who shops or uses money online. It shows just how serious the issue has become.



Three Important Lessons

onedollarlesson3Rather than just cultivating fear about making payments online, One Dollar Lesson also provides tips for how to best avoid theft and attack. The site goes through multiple examples of how money works online, whether you’re buying something, transferring to another account or donating to charity. The site explains how open wifi accounts, fake websites, and other tactics can be used to access your bank accounts. It also gives you tips for how to best avoid those attacks. All of this information is accentuated by One Dollar Lesson’s interactive design and animation. It’s a good site to look at, and it can help you learn some important information along the way. Plus, if you make it through all three lessons, you might win a prize at the end.


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