Nostradamical – Prediction of Future World Events

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 by

Nostradamical – Nostradamical is a social collective prediction of future world events. It is based on the concept that ‘many heads are better than one.’ Once signed up, you can create a new prediction such as “Will Barack Obama be re-elected in the next elections?” Once your prediction is published, other members can create forecasts for or against it. A forecast with more than 50% means that the prediction is likely to fulfill itself, and a forecast of less than 50% means it is unlikely to happen (in their opinion). This shouldn’t be taken too seriously as we’re dealing with mere assumptions… Nonetheless, it is still nice to learn the opinion of others. I am a big Dark Knight fan and was therefore extremely pleased to see that 64% of Nostradamical users believe that Heath Ledger will receive a posthumous Oscar for The Dark Knight.

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