Alerts – All My and Your Alert Needs

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 by

Alerts – Today, alert-oriented content requires you to sign up for your reminders and notifications from so many different sources that you have to remember multiple passwords, agree to multiple terms of use and privacy policies, etc. Should you ever change phone number or email, you’d have to go to each individual provider to make the necessary updates — all in all an aggravating and time-consuming process. Alerts is your personal information management destination where you are in control of most of the information you need, such as updated news, your favorite team results, birthday or party reminders, airline fare price changes, severe weather warnings, and product price reductions to help you fight inflation. This service is definitely useful although it still lacks the ability to integrate this tool with Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts – that would have turned this tool into a true one-stop-shop for all my and your alert needs.

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