NoDesk: The Ultimate Digital Nomad Resource

Posted on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 by

nodesk1NoDesk offers a curated collection of resources about the digital nomad, location-independent working and online entrepreneurship lifestyle.

You Don’t Need A Home To “Work From Home”

nodesk4The web has transformed the way business is conducted in multiple industries and across the globe. Now, unlike any other time in history, it is possible to make a living entirely from a laptop. That reality has given rise to a new culture of “digital nomads,” online entrepreneurs, programmers and freelancers that can work from anywhere they want to visit. NoDesk is a collection of resources intended to help those living the digital nomad lifestyle make the most of their experience. The site has a simple layout with a plain white background and black text — a fitting minimalist design that digital nomads will appreciate.


No Desk Needed

nodesk2NoDesk is split into several sections. There are articles, blogs and book recommendations that can be useful for both startup founders and remote workers alike. The “communities” section lists conferences, events and forums taking place around the globe, such as the Digital Nomad Conference. There’s also a handy resource for finding coworking spaces, a gear guide, a travel tips section, a remote work listing and a section for inspirational articles and video clips. If you’re already working from home, NoDesk could be the site you need to inspire you to start traveling and making the most of your unique opportunity. If you’re already traveling while working, there are tons of useful resources listed on the site to help you make the most of your journey.


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