Ninja Shape: Puzzle-Based Duels

Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by

ninjashape1Shape-shift your way through the puzzle and towards the bad guy in Ninja Shape.


Shape-Shifting Ninjas!

Ninja Shape is a puzzle-based flash game in which the goal is to shape-shift and roll your way towards the mafia-style bad guy at the end of each level, collecting three stars along the way. ninjashape2The controls of the game are extremely simple. All you need to use is your computer’s mouse, clicking on your ninja in order to turn him from a square shape into a circle. This allows him to roll more easily down hills and towards his target. You can also click on other elements of the game, which vary from level to level. Depending on the initial set-up, you might have to click on TNT boxes in order to blow up obstacles, or click on levers to drag your ninja around the screen. Each level requires a great deal of thought, and the challenge┬ábecomes more difficult and complex as the game progresses. There’s not much fighting in this ninja game, but it’s just as satisfying to win the duels through the power of thought.


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