Nestio – Hunting for an easy way to organize apartment searching?

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011 by

Nestio – If you’re looking for a new apartment, this site that could be really useful to you. Acknowledging that the apartment hunting can be a real pain, especially with all the hundreds of listings over various sites, Nestio aims to help you organize your search on one handy page.

You can save your listings from any site in one click using their handy bookmarklet to view, edit, and add notes on your Nestio Apartment Hunting Homepage. It also notifies you when your listings have new & updated information or go off the market. And if you’re searching with friends or roommates, then you can use Nestio collaboratively with them. Watch Nestio’s introduction video below and see if it appeals to you.

Myself being a serial apartment hunter, I can tell you guys that I already tried using it, and it does a great job. So why not click here to make your appartment search easier with Nestio.

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