The Top Sites and Apps of 2011? You Decide!

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2011 by

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Well folks, the nominees have been announced. Amid a flurry of elbowing, scheming and shadowy wealthy donors (not really, that was an attempt at a joke), the candidates have jumped every hurdle and secured enough votes in the primaries to make it onto the Official Longlist for the 5th Annual All My Faves Site of the Year Awards.

Every week of every year, we explore the depths of the internet to bring you 10 awesome sites and apps we’ve discovered in our Weekly Faves. Out of those sites, we’ve picked the most interesting, coolest and most unique sites in each category. And it’s up to you to vote on the internet’s best of the best! It’s a great way to either support a site, app or game you love; or to discover the most unique and interesting sites we’ve found this year.

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The power is in your hands. It is up to you to decide which website, which app, and which game should take home the coveted crown. Simply go to The All My Faves Vote 2011 page, and “like” the sites and apps you think deserve the title. And remember, the sites that win each category will have prime featured space on the All My Faves site all year. So if you want to support a site or an app you love, and get them thousands of new users… Or if you fancy discovering some awesome sites, apps and games… Click here to discover and vote away!

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