Nerve Dating – The Facebook of Online Dating?

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Nerve Dating - a new, social network-style approach to online dating

Nerve Dating – Do you use online dating? Come on now, don’t be shy! Did you know 1 in 8 couples who got married last year in the US met online? It’s getting more and more socially acceptable to use the internet to find flings, dates, love and marriage. But many e-dating sites are still inaccessible and, in all honesty, a little bit embarassing! Nerve Dating has taken note of this to create more of a social network feel around the e-dating meet market. To borrow directly from the words of its creators: “Think fewer awkward “About Me” essays, and more conversations about what you did last night and what you thought of latest buzzed about restuarants.”

I really like this idea, being a proponent of online dating myself. It makes it much easier to fill out a profile, because you’re answering one-liner questions on your opinions and habits that pop up in very user-friendly places on the webpage. They’re actually quite fun to answer, and this feed of answers on your profile in turn gives a potential date an easy way of starting conversation with you. The usual suspects of online dating remain – your profile picture and stats for example – but again these are very easy to complete. All in all, if you do date online, this is a new, different approach worth your attention. It’s for anyone to use, whether you’re interested in men, women or both, and it’s free to fill out a profile. You only have to pay the $20 monthly fee to get the absolute most out of the site.

So click here (or on my tongue-in-cheek effort at a profile below!) and see if you can find a date in your area.

Nerve Dating - a new, social network-style approach to online dating

Nerve Dating - a new, social network-style approach to online dating: hope you like my profile!

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