– A New Social Network for Food Lovers

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 by, by online lifestyle publisher Glam Media, is a site that’s launched with very grand aims: to become a Facebook/Twitter hybrid… for food! Before you start groaning at yet another social network however, this does seem to have a reason to exist. For a start, you couldn’t say with much conviction that Facebook or Twitter provide a real niche towards food, recipes and restaurant sharing. And that’s exactly what Foodie provides.

This social basis enables to become a sort of interactive food magazine: you can browse delicious looking pictures of new and exciting recipes currently. And you have the ability to follow and interact some of the world’s most exciting chefs, who will post recipes and ideas on their feed; as well as top restaurant lists and shareable menus. All sounds rather delectable if you ask me! Click here or on the big pic below to join this fast growing foodies’ network.

Foodie allows you to follow top food writers & chefs, as well as get inspiration for meals in and out with tasty recipes

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