Monopoly City Streets – The Sweet Monopoly Mammoth

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009 by

Monopoly City Streets – What happens when a globally acclaimed board game and a sophisticated web application come together? Dynamite – in a good way of course! This absolutely amazing global Monopoly game allows users to play the famous game in the international web playground; users can buy and sell streets and property, interact with others and enjoy a most incredible interface and graphics. A most effective collaboration between the Hasbro corporate (makers of Monopoly) and Google Maps delivers nothing short of top notch entertainment. And don’t worry; registration is free and each new user receives $3 M dollars to play with…

The usual Monopoly game rules apply here so if you enjoyed playing the board game as a kid (or grownup), playing this colossal Monopoly will be a walk in the park. Needless to say, this game covers all developed geographic locations, so where there are streets, there are new opportunities for the Monopoly City Streets entrepreneur!  The Initial user registration stampede caused a few server mishaps, so the game creators reset the entire database of accounts. If you’re trying to log in and don’t understand why you keep getting an error message, read this and re-register. To get you started (and hyped, I’m sure), check out this demo video.

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