Mobcrush: For The Love Of Mobile Gaming

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 by

MobcrushMobcrush is a service that offers the best way to stream and watch mobile gameplay.

Get Your Game On

MobcrushMobcrush is a gaming community of sorts, a mobile video streaming company that allows gamers to broadcast, watch and chat about games they’re playing and streaming in real time. Gamers can play their own games and stream them live through the site, or choose to watch other gamers stream their games. There is an endless amount of options to choose from (as in you can scroll forever). During the streams, feel free to interact with the host and ask questions, exchange tips, etc. All of this activity used to be only available for desktops. Playing games on a bigger screen makes sense, but you couldn’t go anywhere. Now with Mobcrush, is this can all be done on a computer, but it’s also great on your mobile device. Take your love of mobile gaming anywhere and everywhere with Mobcrush.


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