Miitomo: Nintendo’s Mobile Social Network Game

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2016 by

MiitomoIf you think you know your friends, think again. Get to know them on a whole new level with Miitomo.

Really “Deep” Questions and Answers

MiitomoMiitomo is Nintendo’s very first smart device app. Basically Miitomo is a messenger app for teens to connect with their friends and really discover their likes, dislikes and interests you may have never known about. Users start by creating a Mii that looks like them (similar to avatars). Once users have customized the looks and voice, give it a name. Any hair color, style, features, can be used so a Mii doesn’t have to look like its’ creators actual physical appearance. Users then ask themselves questions they think nobody has ever asked before or think their friends wouldn’t know the answer to. Everyone’s Mii does this and then they all interact with one another to find out new and interesting facts. Miitomo also features games with prizes, and photo share with the ability to drop the Mii into the picture. Miitomo is a fun way for young adults to connect and learn more about their friends and their true personality, all while having a bit of fun!

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