Marley Spoon: Weeknight Cooking, Simplified

Posted on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 by

Marley SpoonIf you’re ever stumped about what to cook for dinner on a daily basis, turn to Marley Spoon and never have to decide again.


Marley SpoonMarley Spoon is a subscription delivery service, delivered right to your door filled with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. What sets Marley Spoon apart from other delivery services, is that is doesn’t always have to come at the same time every week. You pick what you’re sent, not what a company thinks you will like to eat. Browse new recipes every week and pick the ones that excite you the most. Next, pick preferred delivery days ensuring you’ll be home and ready to cook, and feel free to skip some weeks if they don’t work for you. Since you know you’ll be home for package arrival, the ingredients stay fresh. Each box includes: fresh and pre-measured ingredients, dish bags that sort your ingredients and step-by-step instructions for the perfect meal! There are different Marley Spoon plans to pick from to ensure there is enough food for everyone and no waste. It will cost less than a trip to the grocery store too. Marley Spoon is a great way to experience new and amazing recipes, delivered right to your door, and on your own terms.

Marley Spoon

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