MakingOf – Behind the Scenes!

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2009 by

MakingOf – MakingOf is a behind-the-scenes Web portal, founded by Natalie Portman and Christine Aylward, providing an intimate, fresh look into the process of creating entertainment by the insiders themselves.

Their mission is to champion the art and craft of entertainment creation. They started MakingOf because they realized so much of what goes into entertainment creation is unavailable to the people who love and consume it the most. In this way the fans experience the creation first-hand and learn from the insiders of the complete process, including behind-the-scenes content, exclusive access to industry insiders, and an interactive, entertainment-focused community forum. It is your platinum, VIP, all-inclusive pass to learn from and interact with actors, directors, producers, writers, and more.

So does Making Of deliver? Yes, it sure does. I found some really interesting stuff here, such as Billy Bob Thornton on DirectingNatalie Portman on Acting and A scene from Angels and Demons, in theaters May 5, 2009. The site is quite new so the content volume is still a bit limited, but the existing entries are excellent! I am sure that as time progresses, MakingOf will have much more to offer. So if you always dreamed of being part of the film industry and never had the time to do so, now you can learn from the best – it’s free film school for everyone! To follow them on twitter, click here.

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