Foodista – Wikipedia for Food

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2009 by

Foodista – These guys want to become the Wikipedia for Food. Foodista is a collaborative project; based on contributions by users, it aims to build the world’s largest cooking encyclopedia of the highest quality. Foodista still lacks the comprehensiveness one would expect from any encyclopedia, but it seems they are heading in the right direction. Besides, maybe you could help them out with your knowledge and kitchen know-how. I would have joined in if I could but my cooking skills (or lack thereof) don’t really make me much of a foody connoisseur. Instead, I’m delighted to be on Foddista’s learners’ audience and here are a couple of cool things I’ve picked up: Large garlic bulbs are “milder” than smaller ones, and there’s a breed of chicken with black skin and bones with a grayish meat. I believe that with time, Foodista will be able to offer a complete, free resource that is helpful to many people who want to learn just about anything related to food and cooking, so stay tuned!

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