LootCrate: A Monthly Box Of Geek & Gamer Gear

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 by

lootcrate1LootCrate is a subscription box service for geeks.

Comic-Con In A Box

lootcrate4LootCrate is a subscription box service that caters to a specific audience: geeks and gamers. Although the popularity of events like Comic-Con has shown that geek culture has broken through to the mainstream, the box offers products thatĀ its targetĀ audience is sure to enjoy. Every LootCrate box is put together based on a particular theme or topic. The contents of the box are always a mystery, but they typically consist of things like t-shirts, action figures, games, gadgets and collectibles. The company works with great brands in order to keep the box new and exciting on a monthly basis.

Geek Out!

lootcrate2Compared to many other subscription box services, LootCrate is fairly affordable. A subscription costs $13.95 per month, plus $6 for shipping and handling. The price goes down if you order a 3-month, 6-month or 1 year plan. The 1 year plan, which also comes with a bonus gift, costs $11.95 per month. The site also clearly displays the contents of its past crates, so you can see whether or not LootCrate is the type of thing you’d enjoy. It could also make a great gift for the geek or gamer in your life. LootCrate subscribers also join an enthusiastic community of people who share a similar passion for geek and gamer culture.


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