Long Live The King!

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BuzzFeed – BuzzFeed distinguishes what is actually interesting from what is merely hyped. Features movies, music, fashion, ideas, technology and culture that are on the rise and worth your time. This is a good resource for killing some time. Thanks to BuzzFeed I found Photos in Your Space which in my opinion is a great artistic site featuring well taken photos. It kinda reminds me of our weekly faves – bringing you the best of the net. Enjoy!

Lively – Google moves into Virtual Worlds, they recently launched a 3D interactive online virtual world where you can connect with each other in ways beyond your imagination. Lively is a social network where anyone can create an avatar and a virtual room and start communicating virtually. You can start by hugging, shaking hands, playing games or simply chatting. Google’s Lively is the answer to Second Life, does it work for you, do you feel lively?

Jogli – Another web radio site? YES YES YES!!!! This is not just another web radio site, this is an outstanding music site. It combines 3 elements (sound, video and lyrics) that provide the ultimate pleasure from enjoying music. I don’t know how no one thought about it before. I always thought how frustrating are these streaming music sites, why aren’t they providing me with the lyrics. Songza which is featured on our web radio faveline was my fave until today, Jogli is my new King. Long live the King! And the Queen – well the Queen is still Britney – I want a piece of her!

Planet Eye – PlanetEye provides travelers with information and insight that they don’t usually get from a traditional guide book – be it great content, compelling photographs or useful maps that put everything into context. In addition they have Local Experts, who provide on-the-ground insight on what to do, eat and see, and where to stay in destinations around the world. So what is your next destination – Las Vegas, Paris or maybe Rome?

Poolga – I love my iPhone and I love customizing it. But I hate the standard wallpapers and cheesy nature themes available everywhere. Poolga shares cool wallpapers created by talented designers, artists and illustrators from around the world. Download your fave wallpaper and start decorating your iPhone.

Where the Hell is Matt? – Matt is the essence of web 2.0. Matt started dancing a silly dance in front of the camera (just for his own personal fun) and suddenly the video was virally distributed gaining millions of views worldwide. The nice guys from Stride recognized the potential in it and decided to sponsor additional dancing trips for Matt. The 2008 trip is by far the best. This video won’t change your life but for sure it will put a smile on your silly face. Matt has a nice point of view about life, make sure you check his About Us and his FAQ. Go Matt! Keep on dancing – for the sake of human kind.

BaseBall Boss – Build your dream team from the stars of the past and present. Compete with thousands of other like minded fans. If you grew up with baseball or baseball cards as a child, you’ll be right at home in the Baseball Boss world. Baseball Boss is a cross between baseball card collecting and fantasy sports. If you build it he will come!

Multicolr – Multicolr extracted the colors from 3 million “interesting” Flickr images. Choose 10 colors and Multicolr will provide you with images containing the colors you have requested. My fave color is Lavender (yes it is a color). I used Lavender as the ground of my choices, see my visual similarity results.

This is Sand – This is Sand changes the pixels on the screen into digital sand. Choose your fave colors and simply drop the sand from your hands. Upon completion submit it to the public gallery. This is one of the best time wasters out there, check my pile of sand.

Sushi Go Around – With Sushi Go Around you are the replacement Chef, you have a 1-week trial to use the correct recipes and serve the customers in the Sushi Restaurant. This game not only is a fun and addictive game but it also educates your sushi ingredient knowledge and improves your memory skills. If you don’t feel like playing and prefer the real thing, check this vid on how to make a spicy tuna roll. I love sushi!

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