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Wix – Many of my friends wish they had their own site, I recommended that they use TemplateMonster which is a great template provider. However, the disadvantage with this kind of expression is the lack of uniqueness (anyone can use the same template) and it isn’t free. Wix offers an online application that allows you to create and publish your own content, the great part (except being free) is that it isn’t template based, meaning you get to create an unrestrained design. It is very simple and friendly to use, you don’t have to be a designer or programmer in order to create a stunning site. So what are you waiting for – Express Yourself!

BigDownload – BigDownlaod is a site centered for the PC gaming audience providing free downloads, game reviews and industry news. On the site you shall find demos, trailers, patches and full games of the latest gaming stuff. It seems (by appearance and content) that the site is targeted only at the young male audience, it is a shame that AOL doesn’t read its own published articles, such as the one indicating that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Additional top sources of gaming information is available under our Gaming category (scroll down).

The Big Picture – As I grew up I realized that the number of images in stories I read have either decreased or have been completely eliminated, it kinda frustrated me but I had no choice but to accept the verdict. The Big Picture came to my rescue by offering me the ultimate story telling resource. The Big Pictures tells you a story using high quality pictures. If you like photos and you like a good story, you will find this site as a fascinating resource. I have spent hours browsing through the stories looking for a fave to recommend to my devoted readers, it was a difficult choice (as all of them are amazing) however Running with Bulls is simply outstanding. Enjoy!

I DOSE – I-Dose claims that Binaural Beats affect our brainwaves and can simulate various states, such as altering moods, behavior and consciousness. Sounds crazy? Well I thought that, too, and therefore decided to give it a try. I connected my headphones, laid down on bed, closed my eyes and let the fun begin. I don’t know if it really worked or if it was just a psychological effect, but I felt something after the session . Choose your mood and give it a try, what do you have to lose. If it works for you, drop me a line so I will know that I am not the only crazy one.

The Planet – This is a really unique time in human history because for almost all of our history it didn’t matter that the earth is a system; we didn’t have to look at it as a whole because we are very local people; we affected the environment around us where we lived. However, we didn’t affect very far away. But now we live in a completely different situation, there are 6.3 Billion people who are becoming economically more powerful and active all the time, consuming more energy, manufacturing more things, creating more services and all this is effecting the global in ways that we could not conceive of 100 years ago. If you love our planet and would like to increase your knowledge, make sure you check The Planet, it is well designed and the content is superb. Stories are outlined simply using illustrations, videos and are accompanied by a short description. Look now, look around there’s no sign of life.

Acronym Finder – Acronym is an abbreviation composed of the initial letters or syllables of a compound term and which is pronounced as a single word. With more than 600,000 human-edited definitions, Acronym Finder claims it is the world’s largest and most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. Use it as a research tool or just for fun, I found some cool ones, such as: LOV, TBA and SRP.

Way of The Sheep – Where are the sheep headed? Are they headed for the pink tank or maybe for being eaten and slaughtered by the rats. What in the hell is the cotton candy representing – optimism or maybe pessimism. That’s the beauty behind art; each individual can interpret it differently. Markus Neidel is a talented artist – I salute him.

Instant Origami – Don’t you love cynical people? Before trying Instant Origami I read the ‘about us’ in order to understand the essence of the site. The about us was very impressive and I was looking forward to “the contemporary interpretation of traditional Japanese paper folding technique”. The result was not what I expected but what is certain is that it made me laugh and think. Brilliantly Done!

Le Tour de France – France is currently hosting the 95th Tour de France – which began on July 5th, and continues through July 27th. The Tour is the world’s largest cycle race, with twenty teams of nine riders (invitation-only) entered in this year’s race. Ten riders have dropped out so far, including one suspension for a doping offense. A picture is worth a thousand words, 18 amazing pictures are worth much more.

Rapid Fire 2The objective of the game is to be as accurate as possible when shooting. The game modes offer different styles of play. Try to shoot as close as possible to the bull’s eye to get a higher score. Accuracy is the key factor to success in all aspects of life. Good Luck!

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