Loaf: The Interactive Recipe App

Posted on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 by

Recipes just got more exciting with Loaf.

Never To Many Cooks In The Kitchen

LoafLoaf stands for Love Of All Food and this app is making it so much more fun to cook and use recipes than it has been before. Normally when using recipes, you print it out or read it on your phone and just follow directions (whether you know what you’re doing or not). When users download Loaf, the app will recommend recipes each week based on what you actually want to cook and eat, not what you should be eating. Loaf makes the recipe experience simple, social and interactive, even talk to it if you want to. The recipes are interactive, making it easier and more fun to cook. Users can create recipes through the app, and then share them too. Besides just following recipes and simply cooking, Loaf makes it fun to cook again whether users are a professional or novice. With Loaf, recipes and cooking are exciting once again.

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