LiveGreen – Tips and Ideas for Eco-Living

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2009 by

LiveGreen – If you want to take steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, look no further. YouTube and SunChips brand have teamed up to host a channel housing videos that are all about the green: greening your lifestyle, greening your community, and hopefully saving the planet in the process. Living green is easy if you know where to start. The featured videos offer helpful tips on how to make small, meaningful changes to the way you live, how to reduce waste and how to conserve energy, water and other precious resources. So much information, where should you start? I think the best starting point is always right under your nose – your home. I recommend beginning with Smart Design (see video below), which not only teaches you how to create a peaceful space but also explains how you can save on energy bills.

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