Listia – Auctions of Free Stuff

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 by

ListiaListia is an auction site where you bid on other people’s items with virtual credits instead of real money. Get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore and find stuff you do want, for free. Every user gets $50 worth of free credits (500 credits in total) following the sign up and item listing. Want more credits? Refer Listia to your friends, sell your own stuff or buy more credits. Some of the things you can find here would be A 14lb bowling ball, Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar for PS2 or The Complete Fifth Season of THE SIMPSONS.

Personal comment: When reviewing this site I thought to myself that this is a cool idea worth my personal investigation. I signed up and received my free credits. I proceeded to bid on two products and then the problems began: the system accepted my bid and took my credits, but it didn’t display my bid correctly. Also, when I decided to cancel my bid, I couldn’t find anywhere on the site where to do it. I can only hope they will fix these mishaps in the future because overall, this is a really great idea.

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