It Is Monday – One Inspiring Moment, every Monday!

Posted on Monday, August 17th, 2009 by

It Is Monday – Seven months ago the AllMyFaves team received the following notice from Roy Pessis: “I recently talked about how there are so many great inspiring videos on the Internet and how we should share them around. Taking a moment to think about these inspiring and unconventional ideas goes a long way for each of us. Ever since I started sending out the Thinking Moment  videos, I found myself sending them to more people who were interested in unique life-related ideas stemming from surprising angles. Therefore, I told myself, why not share them with the whole world?” This is pretty much the essence behind – One inspiring moment every Monday, for the whole world to see.

Can you contribute? But of course! Send us an email with your video suggestion and we shall take it into consideration. Until then check out my favorite inspiring moments: Validation, Lost Generation and Go to the Ant, O Sluggard, Observe Her Ways and Be Wise.

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