Lisn: Listen to Music with Friends in Real Time

Posted on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 by

LisnWho turns you onto better music than your friends? Start listening to music with your friends on Lisn.

It’s Like Sharing Earphones

LisnFriends are some of the people who know you the best, so why not let them recommend music to listen to? Lisn lets you play tracks for your friends in real time while chatting. When using Lisn, you can do more than send music links to your friends, play the songs for them in real time through the app. Do this all while still chatting to them too. There are millions of tracks on Lisn, all pulled from Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also discover music based on random user’s recommendations too. See what other people are listening to that are using the app. Once you find songs you like, save them to your library and/or pass them on through other messaging apps. Lisn is a new and fun way to exchange music and experience it with others, together.


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