Game of the Week: Shop Empire Underground

Posted on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 by

Shop Empire UndergroundOnce the zombie apocalypse comes life is going to change. Thankfully in Shop Empire Underground, shopping doesn’t have to change.

Safety First

Shop Empire UndergroundLife as we know it has changed since the zombie apocalypse hit Earth. Not only does Earth look different, but daily life for humans have changed as well. Thankfully out of everything that has changed, one of our favorite activities hasn’t. In Shop Empire Underground, recreate the shopping experience and keep everyone safe from the zombies. You’re in charge of creating the mall for humans to enjoy, zombie free. Build the type of shops that you want, and then hire people to help control them. While you and your fellow humans are shopping and enjoying yourself, you’ll have to fight of zombies in the process. Enjoy your somewhat normal human experiences in Shop Empire Underground, and keep some sort of normalcy post apocalypse.

Shop Empire Underground

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