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Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 by

Life – A couple of months ago, the Life Magazine Archive made its way into AMF’s Weekly Faves, and consequently, into our blog as well. While I was drafting that post, I explored the website and was very disappointed by what I then considered a serious lack in content. There was a mere link that directed you to subscription info. A recent visit to the Life designated site shows that they have, indeed, caught up with the content issue and understood that Content is King… The change: a serious overall upgrade. The result is a spectacular photo site that is well-organized and divided into News, Celebrity, Travel, Animals, Sports and Editor’s Pick categories. Another great thumbs up goes for the site for their two interactive features: Real or Fake – a short quiz that tests your  image manipulation perception skills, and Would you rather see – choosing between two equally-interesting-but-for-different-reasons photos. I have seen interactive stuff done before in various sites but Life Magazine pictures take it to a different level, perhaps due to their incredible visual power. I recommend that you begin at whatever interests you and you’ll see for yourself just how far it’ll take you. My personal fave albums include What Winning Wimbledon Feels Like, Coastal LIFE, Hugh Hefner: Life & Times and Pablo Picasso: Life and Times. Browse away!

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