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Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 by

BookGlutton – Know that warm, rewarding feeling you get when you’ve dived deep into a remarkable book? That feeling however tends to subside rather quickly if it isn’t shared with others. What a better way to extend that great satisfaction and mental high than by discussing that amazing book with like-minded people – dissecting its Ins and Outs for as long and deep as you like?  BookGlutton is the perfect answer for bibliophiles of all levels. In addition, you are welcome to use the site as a search tool for your next read. BookGlutton’s concept is a fantastic one in my view, although their current major hindrance is a relatively limited collection of books as a result of a rather small community size. But these are only transient issues; once the site sees higher numbers of registered users and entries, it will become a wonderful mind-engaging and enjoyable experience for anyone interested.

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