Lantern: Find Your Way To A Stronger Self

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 by

LanternIt’s a new year, so become your strongest self with the help of Lantern.

Always Be The Best Version Of Yourself

LanternLantern is an online site that has programs that provide effective and affordable support for emotional well being. Lantern is aiming to help improve your self improvement. Lantern is a team of researches, technologists, and clinicians taking research and expertise and turning it into easy to understand web and mobile programs based in cognitive behavioral therapy. Lantern is trying to help people strengthen their emotional selves, offering a holistic approach to make every day better. Unfortunately, many in the world suffer from mental health issues and Lantern wants to help everyone take steps toward self improvement every day. Start by taking the Lantern assessment to identify strengths and challenges. After, participants are given daily exercises that are tailored to specific needs and professional coaches offer support and feedback to help every individual succeed. All you have to do to start living a better life is join the Lantern community.


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